January 21, 2010

Nate Silver’s Analysis

Nate Silver’s analysis here is spot on: the policies the Democrats have advocated are shockingly centrist, Republicans have been uniform in their brilliant opposition and the Democrats have no messaging and no symbols. I don’t really understand how you can run such a good campaign, and then be so bad on messaging, but Obama has found a way.

On symbols, I’d point out what Morone said in that talk I’ll post soon: “Advocates need to think big, Morone explained. The sixth commandment requires Americans to keep in mind that healthcare reform is about symbols: the nature of American society, our ideals, life and death. Responding to Republican claims that Obama’s plan will kill grandmothers by saying “it’s not true,” Morone said, was a very poor response. “Democrats are so in the weeds of the politics, they’re not very good at the symbols,” he said. Symbols require a philosophy, a victim, a plan, and a demon like, Morone joked, the insurance companies. “It’s not fair, but it’s effective.”” Why doesn’t Obama give a passionate speech (Well, the man can’t muster passion about anything) about people in this country dying because they don’t have health care….instead of say, throwing around a lot of statistics.

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